They became completely free for adoption yesterday. It was a bittersweet court day. On our side it was extremely exciting. It could not have gone better as we got what was in the best interest of the children. But you can’t help but think of the brokenness in this whole situation. Rights were taken from a parent who refused to have any part in the lives  of their children or to even respond to petitions to come back into their lives. From the one who should’ve been the one to raise them. The one who should have taken responsibility to love them all of their lives. But they chose not to. The parent knew it was happening but wasn’t even there to participate. And now we are left to pick up the broken pieces and to love on these kids who don’t feel lovable. They really have no clue what true love is. They have never been given that. They challenge everything to make sure you’re still going to love them in the end or will you gonna let go like their biological family did? These children are genuinely orphans now. The last family member has been cut off bc they refused to have anything to do with these sweet children. Now these kids are temporarily in the system with no parents attached to their name…they are state custody. As soon as the paperwork is done they will be ours as an adoptive placement where we will wait out the months until they are finalized. By God’s grace, and only by God’s grace, will these children heal in our family. Our prayer is God will heal the hurt, anger, and unspoken emotions that these kids feel inside and don’t understand how to even discuss what they’re  feeling. God can take what the enemy meant for evil and redeem it  for good, by using their childhood hurt to minister to others someday. In the meantime these kids do not feel lucky. They don’t think it’s the best thing in the world to be with us. We are the second best thing…And that’s OK. Because the best thing in the world is really to be in the family you were born into with them functioning the way God intended. But this can’t always be the case because people don’t always make the right choices. When this happens we cannot fathom the brokenness that these kids feel inside. 

Please pray with us that these kids will feel like they belong to us like biological family. That they won’t feel different. That they will feel like they fit right in. As if they had always been here. That they feel loved beyond their understanding, and that they know truth, truth that sets them free. That they come to know God in deep ways they could not have known him otherwise. That they are open to wise counsel and have wisdom and understanding beyond their years and ability. That they feel accepted and wanted. And that all seven of our kiddos grow up loving and serving God with all their hearts… With a burning fire to love God and love people ❤️.