I had taken down the bunkbeds that had been waiting way too long for foster kids. My aching heart couldn’t take it any more. We had faced setbacks in foster care for about 3 years, and while we found an agency that wanted to work with us, and we with them, it felt like it would never really happen. In a sense, I had given up hope. The hurt and rejection and lies that we had previously dealt with from a former foster care agency felt like they would never disappear, like they would haunt us forever…all the while the passion that God had given me stirred more and more inside me. I thought, if I take the bunkbeds down, at least it will be like “out of sight, out of mind.”…as much as possible…because I never truly could get rid of this passion that lived so DEEP inside of me.

We were finishing up the required documents and things to foster through our new agency. An agency who had saw the TRUTH and didn’t judge us by the other agency’s lies. (The other agency claimed they didn’t even have records of us fostering for them when our new agency requested them too.) It was Monday night, we were at life group,  and I felt led by the Spirit to request prayer for our foster care situation…I shared how I felt like it would never happen and how discouraging it was, and requested prayer that God would bring us a child to love on. When our life group prays, God moves. And this was no exception…

Two days later, we were driving to the health dept to get our TB tests read. My 7 year old pipes up…”mom, when is God going to give me a brother?” I then explained that we didn’t know the time or the gender of the kid God would bring to us, but I encouraged him to pray to God specifically about his hearts desire that God cares so much about. I remember walking out of the health dept after the reading, and looking around for my fourth child. Craziest feeling ever. Especially when I realized that I didn’t actually have four children…only three.

The very next day, God blew my mind. He answered our prayer and I received a phone call asking me to take the exact age span and gender  into our home that would perfectly fit into our family. And God also answered my 7 year old’s prayer for a brother.

Oh, and those bunkbeds I had taken down in my spirit of brokeness? Well, God, in his sovereignty, knew the child he was bringing me was to tiny for a bunkbed anyway. God…uses…EVERYTHING for his glory and perfect plan.

And this is just the beginning of what God would do to show he is for us and for the orphan and how he uses us and so many others in His body to play a part in his story of redemption over and over again in 2016…and through eternity.

Keep checking back for more and more of our God-sized story.