Looking back, i see that God has always been at work in my life. However, this last year, i have witnessed the sovereignty of God more than ever before and to say it has been extremely exciting and adventurous seems like such an understatement. Henry Blackaby, in Experiencing God, says something like, look for where God is at work – and join him. This last year, step by step, moment by moment, still small voice by still small voice, from one Holy Spirit prompting to another…we have walked in amazing grace and strength and taken a path we never could have taken without God leading and his people surrounding us. In the middle of faithfulness, through trial after trial, God has sent us blessing upon blessing in ways that we could never have imagined or even tried to make happen on our own.

God has placed a monstrous passion in my heart that started when I was 14…a burden for foster kids and ophans. Foster kids are not orphans in the American way of thinking of things. But Webster defines orphan as a fatherless child. When the state pulls children from their homes to keep them safe from the dangers existing where they were living, those children temporarily, and sometimes permanently, take on the life of an orphan. We, the church are called to fight for those who cannot speak for themselves and to care for the widow and the orphan. Everybody’s role will look at least slightly different. Some will house orphans. Some foster. Some adopt. Some help financially. Some babysit. Some feed. Some write notes of encouragement. Some teach. Some work behind the scenes. Everybody can pray. Prayer is powerful. James tells us that the prayer of a righteous man is POWERFUL and EFFECTIVE. There are so many avenues to help the helpless. Bottom line is…God calls us to LOVE GOD and LOVE PEOPLE. And this is love…taking care of those who God places in your life and in your path…however he leads you to. We could not be where we are without the help of God’s people through this whole process. We, the body of Christ, work together as a team…using the resources God has uniquely given each of us to minister to each other.

I am so excited to share what God has done in my family over the last year, little by little. So keep coming back. I have God-sized blessings and stories to share that I hope God will use to move you and encourage you to keep running after Him with all your heart, especially in the direction of orphan care, but also in where God has has gifted you <3.