I LOVE the life God has given me. Not because it’s easy. But because it’s good. Because GOD is good. I’ve been through my fair share of trials…of just cold-hearted evil brought on by our enemy. Life is full of ups and downs. BUT God is still good. And the fact that I am blessed to live to the glory of God’s Kingdom gives me so much joy and peace that reaches beyond human understanding.

I am blessed…with a fantastic God-loving husband who works super-hard to provide for the needs and wants of our growing family. Blessed with 3 bio kids who each have hearts to know God and make him known. Blessed with 4 foster kids that blend right with our family that we hope and plan to adopt.Blessed with extended family that’s not crazy (not any crazier than we are at least ;). Blessed with an incredible support group of friends who are passionately chasing after the heart of God right along-side me. Blessed with a church that loves God and loves people…one full of believers who put their faith into action.

God is good – all the time. And all the time – God is good!

I’m switching my blog over to word-press. So little by little my old posts from my previous blog will make their way over here :). And I hope to blog a lot more in the future. Maybe ;).